Transition Home

Since its foundation AYUDAMEXICO has used it's donations in the following ways:

  • Musical instruments for the creation of an orchestra in the children's home
  • Purchase of two vehicles for the safe transportation of the girls from the transition home to their education center
  • Equipment to improve the medical service. The girls normally arrive physically mistreated and they can suffer, long term from the con-sequences, it is very important to treat them immediately
  • 100 Personal hygiene kits.
  • Improvements in the kitchen area.
  • Financing the Exit home for the girls to be able to start a more independent life.
  • 1 week Christmas trip, out of the City of Mexico.
  • 100 matresses and sheets
  • Shoes and clothes

Project Against Blindness

AYUDAMEXICO has used donations in the following way:

  • To assist in the Project Against Blindness, realized by a group of Swiss and Mexican doctors in the Mexican State of Guerrero and Chiapas.
  • Approximately 200 children and adults benefit yearly from the low cost medical surgeries.

Public Ophthalmology Center in Guerrero
2 new microscopes
3 new sterilizers
2 portable surgical machines to treat cataracts
1 laser machine
Training of the local medical staff

Public Ophthalmology Center in Chiapas
1 new microscope
Medical supplies
Training of the local medical staff