Cases and Testimonies

There are as many testimonies as persons who have been helped by our foundation. Here are a few examples...

Marifer is in 5th grade of elementary school and on weekends she plays football in a team. She grew up under difficult circumstances. Her father was an alcoholic who eventually died, and her mother worked as a prostitute and subsequently disappeared. Marifer has a light depression which is treated individually. Furthermore, she is getting medical treatment for tonsilitis.
Marifer Martínez R.
Foster Home Ayuda y Solidaridad

Jazmin loves to paint and is one of the most responsible girls in her class. Right now she studies in 5th grade of elementary school. Her mother is a drug addict and works as a prostitute and her father is in prison. Jazmín was begging for money on the street in order to get something to eat. She gets personal psychological treatment because of the attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder she has.
Jazmin Torres G.
Foster Home Ayuda y Solidaridad

Carmen is a lovely child from Guerrero who now can live a normal life and who can see perfectly without the use of glasses. She was operated in 2003. At this time she nearly could not see anymore because of the consequences of Eye Cataract. Now 3 years after the surgery Carmen already goes to school and is learning how to read.
Acapulco Guerrero

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