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Ayuda y Solidaridad con las Niñas, I.A.P.

Mexico City - Active since 1993


Niñas de la Calle is a children’s residential institution in Mexico City. It welcomes young girls from abusive homes and devotes itself to recreating a safe and loving environment conducive to their long-term well-being. The objective is to provide them with an opportunity to lead an autonomous and dignified life. The model of care is comprised of four essential pillars: health, education, self-development and occupational training.

The institution utilises various programs all aimed to help the girls regain their self-esteem and confidence. This process is essential to overcome the learning difficulties such as reading, writing, critical thinking, and problem-solving. These difficulties are sadly quite common amongst children with abusive backgrounds. In effect, the home aims to recreate the support system that the girls should or would normally obtain from their families. Girls are welcome to stay in the residence until their mid-twenties, as it important to gradually help them in the transition into adulthood until they have found an academic or professional path.


Over 1’000 girls have been welcomed since the inception of the home in 1993. The residential capacity has been gradually increasing and can now host over 70 girls. It is also affiliated with an establishment which specializes in the treatment of mental disorders called “Casa de la Esperanza”. The model of care which creates a caring and supportive has been found to have a significant impact in reducing dosage of medical treatment for those suffering of mental disorders.

Occasionally, families express the desire to be reconciled with their daughters. For these cases, the foundation offers a counselling program with both the families and the girls in order to attempt to safely rekindle relationships.

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